Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stab-Binding

One simple (yet beautiful) binding method is the 4-hole Japanese stab-binding. There are several variations, and for this project, I chose the Hemp-leaf method, which includes extra sewing stations part-way between the 4 main stations. IMG_0690

For the thread, I used a silver .25" ribbon. I added star-shaped eyelets to the sewing stations to give the holes a nice, finished look.


Before wrapping the covers in blue paper, I carved stripes into the boards to create a 'debossed' look.


Here's how the sewing looked once finished (this is the back side of the book).


Overall, this was a really fun experiment and gave me a chance to try several new techniques and materials. This book inspired me to make another stab-binding book, which I will be featuring in next Tuesday's post. Check back to see the evolution!

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