Refreshed and Refocused

Wow! Long time, no post. Since my last posting, I:

*Married my soulmate and inherited two daughters


*Traveled internationally


*Ran a half-marathon and have recently been meeting for health & wellness accountability with one of my best friends


*Hand-addressed my sister-in-law's 260+ wedding invites

*A number of other amazingly beautiful, wonderful, time-occupying activities

All that to say, life has been too busy to post much about cake-baking and book-making (though I have been continuing to do both). But I'm BACK, baby! And ready to revamp this blog with a fresh, bi-weekly format.

Starting today, you can expect to find new posts every Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes cakes, sometimes books, sometimes both. So come on back next week and see what we have in store for you here at Z as in Zebra!

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