Red Velvet

Based on the title, you were expecting a cake post, right? Right? Ha! Fooled you! Instead, I'm here to present a handmade journal I lovingly refer to as "Red Velvet". A couple of years ago, I was rummaging around in my Grandma Z's utility closet. I found not one, but TWO rolls of flocked (fuzzy) wallpaper from the 1970s! Since the paper had been in the closet for over 30 years, Grandma had no problem parting with it and allowing me to use it to make book covers.



Also, this was my first experiment with adding closure ties. I used a silky black ribbon inserted under the paste papers to create two tails that could be tied together and hold the journal shut.


This journal was so fun to make and turned out so elegant. I kept it in my inventory as a sample for about two months before being snatched up by the amazing Cindy Beall. She will be giving the Red Velvet to a friend as a wedding gift and suggest that the couple use the book to record God's blessings throughout their marriage. I am honored that such powerful thoughts will be captured in a journal I created. Thanks, Cindy! I hope they love it!

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