In Search of Cake Eaters (Part One)

Back in June, I was wanting to do some 'cake experiments' and try some new techniques. The hard part? What do you do with a bunch of cakes after they are finished? I decided I would need to have a reason to make them before I even started. So, I posted on my blog that I was in need of some cake eaters. I explained that I was by no means a "pro", but that I was wanting to get better, and that I needed some reasons to practice. I offered to donate my time if the recipient would pay for the cost of the ingredients. Boy, did the requests POUR in!

For the next several posts, I will showcase some of the cakes that came from that exercise. Enjoy!

First, Donna requested a cake for her wedding anniversary (8 years, if I remember correctly). The cake was going to be a surprise for her husband. When I asked if she had any specific requests in terms of the design, I got a one word response: "Chocolate!". Coming right up!

I hadn't had many chances to work with my oval pans, so I started there and made a two-layer devil's food cake. For icing, I took the opportunity to practice piping vertical lines, rope borders, and rosettes.

Rosettes are one of my favorite techniques to use. The piping motion is fairly simple, but the final result is so elegant!

I was pretty pleased with how the cake turned out, and Donna and her husband were, too!

In Search of Cake Eaters (Part Two)

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